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Note: This shackle is currently unavailable. The 1/8-inch bow shackle that is depicted in the photo, and that Tether Products ordered, turned out to be a 4mm shackle, which is not the same thing and won't readily fit TP's spouts without enlarging the cross-holes. Tether Products is however still convinced that such a 1/8-inch shackle exists and hasn't given up the search. If anyone knows of a manufacturer or supplier that carries it, please let Tether Products know.


1/8-inch Stainless Steel Bow Shackle

1/8-inch Stainless Steel Bow Shackle

For versatility and convenience, and for simple good looks, there are few things that can match this cute little miniature 316 stainless steel bow shackle. You will particularly like this shackle for the way it can be so easily and snugly attached to any plain spout and for the way it can be compactly turned to the side and tucked under the foreskin (if you have one) when not in use, without ever pinching or causing irritation.

It is actually a rarity and something of a treasure. After being unable to locate the maker of the one that TetherSpout himself has used for years, Tether Products had given up the search and had thought that no manufacturer still makes a shackle this small and attractive, only to come across it by accident while searching for manufacturers of other products. And it's not cheap. Counter-intuitively, the larger indentical-looking shackles (like the ones shown in the TetherSpout Chronicles) that you can find on the web or in hardware stores, typically sell for less. But only this one is small enough to fit Tether Products' plain spouts and still has the same distinctive functionality and appealing looks of a standard European style bow shackle (it's an exact miniature). Anticipating that a lot of guys will appreciate these qualities and not be bothered by the disproportionate price, it is offered as a convenience to TP’s customers. On the bright side, if you include it when ordering other products, you won’t have to pay any additional shipping & handling charges.

Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically.