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Replacement 3.5mm Hex Key Replacement 3.5mm Hex Key

If you buy a full set of the SSS-6-T threaded spouts, you will automatically receive a hex key like this to hold the spouts from turning while screwing anything onto the spouts. If you have lost this hex key, or if you bought the spouts individually, you will need to purchase a 3.5mm hex key separately, unless you already have one.

This hex key is offered as a convenience to TP’s customers. It has an attractive corrosion-resistant GoldGuard™ 14 karat gold plated finish and quality beveled ends. At 10 cm it is also longer than the ones you usually find at hardware stores, giving it the reach you need with large attachments like the hollow spheres or steel balls found in the Accessories section, or with any other unusually large accessories that you might make yourself. And you’ll only get the size you need and won’t have to buy an entire set of keys like you probably would elsewhere. That is, if you can even find a set of keys that includes this size. It is a standard metric size, but not very common.

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