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Nuts & Caps for Threaded SpoutsNuts & Caps for Threaded Spouts

Depending on where you live, nuts & caps that fit on the standard metric M6x1.0 threads of the SSS-6-T spouts may be commonplace or difficult to find. In the USA, selection is generally very limited, although many home improvement centers and hardware stores do carry some. But even in other parts of the world, the problem is often that you can't buy just one or two and may have to buy more than you really need, or that they are only available in plain or zinc-plated steel, which may corrode or cause skin reactions. These nuts & caps are therefore offered by Tether Products as a convenience to its customers. They are all made of non-magnetic 18-8 (type 304) stainless steel that won't rust or corrode, and have a nice soft polished finish without sharp edges.

Although the following descriptions are individual, these caps and nuts are actually sold only as combined sets of five, consisting of one of each type, on the theory that you only have one penis and thus will probably rarely ever need more than one of each. Purchase a set when you buy other products, so that you don't have to pay separate shipping and handling costs, and you will likely find they are very economical compared to what you would pay elsewhere. Each set includes one each of the following:

M6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Extension NutM6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Extension Nut

The longest threaded spout that TP sells is 26 mm in length, which may not be enough in some instances to reach to the outside of a cock cage or some other similar form of chastity device or BDSM restraint to allow fastening it with a simple hex or wing nut. That is where you may find this extension nut is invaluable and alone worth the cost of TP’s Nuts & Cap set, particularly because it is ordinarily very difficult to obtain except by special order in large quantities. It is 15.1 mm in length (including the flange) and has an 8.8 mm outside barrel diameter (equivalent to 26.4Fr) that has a smooth polished finish without serrations and is slightly beveled at the end, making it very cock friendly. Most guys will probably be able to insert it deeply into their orifices, all the way to the flange if need be. Alone, or by combining it with a simple flat washer if the 12.3 mm flange is not wide enough, it is therefore anticipated that this extension nut will be a boon to chastity aficionados and all that is needed to connect threaded spouts to many of the chastity devices and other restraints that are currently in use. The beauty is that when used in this fashion, the spout itself will likely be too deep inside the urethral orifice to be gripped by forceps or needle-nose pliers, making the special 3.5 mm hex key useable with threaded spouts the only way to attach or remove the device. That can be more secure and trustworthy than a key lock.

M6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex NutM6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex Nut

This is a standard 5mm thick hex nut that will readily screw flush onto the end of Tether Products SSS-6-T threaded spouts and that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you use a rotary tool or screw it onto a bolt and put it into an electric drill, you can easily turn it down to a rounder shape with a file and re-polish it to create an attractive customized end collar. But even in its more recognizable hexagonal shape, it still looks good and is handy for attaching things to your spout, or just for normal wear by itself.

M6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Jam NutM6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Jam Nut

Jam nuts (if you don't already know) are extra thin nuts that are ordinarily used where space is tight and/or where two are needed to lock or jam against each other at a set point on a thread. This nut is only 3.2mm thick, whereas standard M6x1.0 hex nuts, like the threads on the SSS-6-T spouts, have a 5mm thread length or height. Perfect fitting of TetherSpouts and their attachments to your penis often comes down to a matter of just one or two millimeters. You may thus sometimes prefer this thinner jam nut to a regular nut. It has an attractive polished finish and, like a regular nut, can be shaped and polished to an even more attractive form to augment attachment to threaded spouts.

M6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Cap NutM6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Cap Nut

Not to be confused with acorn nuts which actually have a more pointy acorn-like shape, this is a standard 5mm thick hex nut that is topped by a shiny round closed dome. Unlike some flimsier cap or acorn nuts that are composed of two pieces, it is a solid 1-piece design (the cap won't pop off if over-tightened on a long bolt). It will readily screw onto the end of Tether Products threaded spouts and can be used to attractively cap and seal the end of the spout to keep contaminants out, as well as for other purposes. It has an attractive polished finish. Being 1-piece, if you don’t like its lower hex shape, you can easily reshape and repolish it, either with a rotary tool or by screwing it onto a bolt with the head cut off and putting it into an electric drill to turn down to a round shape with a file. Either way, it looks good and can be very useful in a variety of ways.

M6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Wing NutM6x1.0 18-8 Stainless Steel Wing Nut

This is an American style wing nut, with beefier wings that are lower, wider and more square compared to the thinner rounded and more upright wings of European style wing nuts. Tether Products believes it offers more versatility and opportunity for customization. With a rotary tool you can drill holes and shape & polish the wings to create an attractive end piece for threaded spouts that is useful in many creative ways, such as to readily attach leads from an e-stim device, or modify it to look like a custom molded end piece that, in inverted position, fits inside the oval slit of your urethral orifice... or just use it as-is.

As you may have guessed, Tether Products encourages its customers to be resourceful and use a do-it-yourself approach and believes that every man should have a rotary tool (such as a Dremel® tool) to finely shape and polish metal items like these nuts, or anything else that you might be inclined to attach or stick inside your penis. It opens up so many inventive and creative possibilities. Such tools need not be expensive. Here in the USA, Harbor Freight Tools often has a cheap one on sale for as little as $6.99, complete with an 80 piece tool set that in itself is already an incredible bargain. With a rotary tool you can turn these nuts & caps, and many other common things, into fine customized jewels and accessories that no one would ever recognize for their humble origins.

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