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Vinyl Caps with 316L SS End-beadsVinyl Caps with 316L SS End-beads

Unless you always remember to deeply push it in, it is risky to wear a TetherSpout for extended periods without plugging the center bore because lint and other contaminants can enter the urethra very easily and potentially cause infection. That is why every spout comes with a soft little vinyl cap. But those simple caps can sometimes be awkward or difficult to remove, especially if you don’t have long fingernails or fine manual dexterity. That is where these supplementary vinyl caps with a jewel-like polished stainless steel bead on the end are particularly useful and not just a fashion statement.

The 316L stainless steel end-beads on these vinyl caps come in four different diameters (5, 6, 8 & 10 mm) and are sold only as a complete set, with caps attached. Besides being exceptionally attractive, and making it very easy to remove the cap any time you have to pee, the stainless steel beads also offer a useful way of attaching other accessories to your TetherSpout, such as a halter or noose which can be looped over the bead and thereby be kept snug and perfectly fitted below the rim of your glans as shown in Album 10 of the TetherSpout Chronicles. The smallest of the set, the 5mm bead, has a small welded-on hoop that is particularly handy for attaching charms. Your cock should always stand out and look its best, and this is definitely one very tasteful and elegantly attractive (besides also wisely hygienic) way to do it. With the cap generally hidden inside the orifice and only the bead visible, it's like wearing a simple stud instead of a gaudy large ear ring, but is nevertheless sure to catch people's eyes. You'll wish you could walk around naked all day.

P.S. Please note that the vinyl caps are not meant to fit tightly; only snugly (almost just a sliding fit), so that they can easily be taken off, or so that they can possibly blow off by themselves if you forget to remove the cap (like I often do) before you pee or ejaculate. The latter is a good reason (besides also adding to their attractiveness) why you might want to secure these caps to your dick with a thin keeper chain, a lanyard, or a halter, that loops below the rim of your glans and keeps them dangling when not attached. If you do, you won't have to worry about ever losing the cap or having to fish it out of the toilet, and at the same time make your penis really look like it's special. I normally use a thin gold chain, that I found mixed in with my wife's junk jewelry and adapted, to keep mine safe. Most women have old or broken jewelry that they don't wear anymore and will never miss.

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