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Hook & Clip Hook & Clip

If you have viewed any of the TetherSpout Chronicles, you will know how versatile and useful a simple hook & clip like this can be. If you have a plain spout, it is likely to be the single most used item in your collection of accessories. The clip is strong enough to hold secure to almost anything it can grab onto (like your clothing or a tensioning rod) and the hook is thin enough not to completely block the opening of a spout and still let you pee or ejaculate, although it will impede that somewhat.

Tether Products forms the hooks and assembles these hooks & clips in house. The hooks and rings are stainless steel and the swivels are corrosion resistant alloy, but the clips are only nickel-plated steel and may rust if not kept dry. But with care they should last for many years, if not forever.

The hooks & clips are joined by a stainless steel jump ring that is deliberately intended to bend open and let the hook and clip separate in the event that too much tension is ever accidentally applied. You should however not rely on this to prevent injury and always exercise great care whenever your penis is attached to anything immoveable or heavy. In case you ever want to increase the break strength, or if it does separate and the ring gets lost, an extra jump ring is included and is loosely attached to the swivel.

While supplies last, each hook & clip comes (free of charge) with a bonus clip that is attached to a small clear plastic strap. You can use the tiny strap, with its snap closure, to attach the clip to any closed ring that might be attached to your TetherSpout (in lieu of using the hook & clip), giving you even more options for how you control your penis. The bonus clip with strap is particularly useful for attachment to accessories such as TP's screw-on ring pieces for threaded spouts, which come with a closed ring permanently attached.

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