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NOTE: The following product is currently still at the planning and design stage (not yet available for sale) and this tentative description is only provided to gauge potential customer interest. If you would be seriously interested in purchasing this product, please use the customer feedback link at the bottom of this page to let Tether Products know. You will not be under any obligation to buy, nor will you be contacted if it becomes available, but please be candid and don't overstate your interest.


Fancy Lip ShieldFancy Lip Shield

The advantage of the SSS-6-P plain spouts (the ones with large cross-holes at the end) is that things like a decorative ring, a hook, or a clasp, can be attached so quickly and easily. But those things, when attached, can also sometimes pinch or chafe the lips of your meatus during casual wear (usually not much, but enough to make you apprehensive and a bit uneasy), especially when your penis is getting pushed around and squeezed inside your clothing.

This simple and attractive lip shield will prevent that. It is made of polished stainless steel and can be slipped over the end of any spout and into your orifice to guard the tip of your penis from pinching, chafing and irritation during long-term wear of rings and such. It can also be used to increase the electrical contact area and focus the current at the very tip of your dick if you use your TetherSpout for e-stim (particularly useful when you're using a non-conductive polymer retainer). And it looks great, like a fashion accessory that is logically meant to be there. In combination with a ring, it will look like your penis is sucking on a tiny baby’s soother. It will readily fit any combination of a retainer and a spout that is 22mm or longer, but with shorter spouts you may have to file down the length first, depending on the thickness of your retainer.

Note: You may think that something like an ordinary washer, or a tiny rounded cap with a hole in it, that you've made yourself, will look the same and work just as well, but you will likely find that that can be worse than using no lip shield at all, unless the hole fits your spout so tightly that there is no chance of any skin ever getting drawn into the gap and pinched by the washer or cap itself. By penetrating deep into your urethral orifice, where tissues stay slippery and not likely to stick, this lip shield minimizes any chance of pinching betweeen your spout and the shield itself . You will find that it makes wearing hooks, rings or clasps that are loosely attached to plain spouts, supremely comfortable. And even with threaded spouts, it is a very attractive and useful addition that, when needed, can shield your orifice from the roughness of otherwise exposed threads. The lip shield is purposely non-magnetic, so that if you use a strong neodymium magnet to block the end of your spout, it won't stick to the lip shield itself but rather will snugly press the lip shield to the end of your dick and hold everything together (another reason to get spouts of varying lengths for a perfect fit). In designing this lip shield, Tether Products has tried to think of everything.

Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for availability.