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Model SSR-6 Disk-style RetainersModel SSR-6 Disk-Style Retainers

The SSR-6 line of retainers is the flagship and pride of the TetherSpout line. Each set in this line consists of three beautifully precision-crafted disk-style retainers (one round and two progressively larger oval versions that all have the same critical French size) made of polished 410-grade stainless steel, with the French size indelibly laser-etched on each retainer so that you will always know what size you are inserting. Polishing them, if they get scuffed, will not remove the markings. You will admire and treasure these retainers for a lifetime.

The reason these retainers are made from 410-grade stainless steel, and not the more common 316L grade, is to give them strong magnetic permeability in case you ever have need to fish them out from deep within your urethra using something like a small powerful neodymium magnet attached to a probe (see the Accessories section). That situation will likely only ever occur if you were using them as electrodes for deep urethral electro-stimulation and the wire lead somehow became detached. In such a case you can rest assured, assuming you have selected the correct size (see the Sizing Guidelines for information), that they will likely be too large to ever pass through your prostate gland and enter your bladder, but it may give you added peace of mind knowing that magnetic retrieval, even from there, is possible. The retainers have a very precise elliptic shape in all three dimensional x-sections that is designed to optimally balance retentive ability and comfort and have 6.1 mm diameter holes that will work with any standard 6 mm spout or other keeper. Based on years of experience, the holes have been deliberately oversized to this dimension to permit a little wiggle room for comfort during use and to prevent binding with the spout.

Because they are rather difficult and expensive to make (due to their exacting and very precise dimensions, as well as their complex oval shapes which preclude using conventional machinery like ordinary CNC lathes), the SSR-6 sets of retainers are rather costly to stock and may not be available in all sizes. For current availability, please check the Order Page. As feedback is received from customers, more sizes will be added. In the meantime, if your size is not available, or if you'd like to try out several sizes before you take the plunge, you may be able to get essentially the same retainers by purchasing one of the less expensive PCR-6 or NBR-6 sets. They just won’t be as timelessly durable or attractively jewel-like, won't be magnetically retrievable, and can't be used as electrodes for electro-stimulation (in case that matters).

Please refer to the Sizing Guidelines for information on how to select the right French size.

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