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NOTE: The following product is currently still at the planning and design stage (not yet available for sale) and this tentative description is only provided to gauge potential customer interest. If you would be seriously interested in purchasing this product, please use the customer feedback link at the bottom of this page to let Tether Products know. You will not be under any obligation to buy, nor will you be contacted if it becomes available, but please be candid and don't overstate your interest.


Model SSS-6-B60 Blank SpoutModel SSS-6-B60 Blank Spout

The SSS-6-B60 is simply a blank 60 mm long spout of 6 mm diameter with a 4mm round inside bore and a 8.5 mm flanged end, without any pre-drilled lateral holes, tapered end or pre-cut external threads. The SSS-6-B60 is offered for those who have special or unusual needs and have the ability and tools to custom tailor a spout to a special purpose.

The SSS-6-B60 is, for example, particularly useful for making extra large electrodes that completely fill the fossa navicularis or distend the urethra further down. It is long enough to stack on as many of the Model SSE-6 retainers, or even the SSR-6, as you are ever likely to need for electro-stimulation. The generous length may also make it possible to perform test operations like drilling or cutting on the excess end before you irreversibly commit yourself to making any permanent modifications. Cutting or drilling usually poses no serious problem, but be aware, if you plan to custom tailor your own spout, that the 420F stainless steel of the blank SSS-6-B60 is very hard and difficult to work with without the right tools.

Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for availability.