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Cup-style Retainers

NOTE: The following product is currently still at the planning and design stage (not yet available for sale) and this tentative description is only provided to gauge potential customer interest. If you would be seriously interested in purchasing this product, please use the customer feedback link at the bottom of this page to let Tether Products know. You will not be under any obligation to buy, nor will you be contacted if it becomes available, but please be candid and don't overstate your interest.


Model CUP-6 Cup-style RetainerModel CUP-6 Cup-style Retainer

For sustained strong traction and simple all round versatility, the soft and pliable CUP-6 is probably the most useful and close to the most comfortable retainer (but only while in use) that Tether Products offers. Functionally, it is somewhat like a TetherPlug, but with the added benefit of being useable with a concealable and durable metal spout. The CUP-6 fits the domed shape of the fossa navicularis at the constriction of the urethral orifice much better than disk-style retainers and it can be much larger while still being optimally round during use. But it is not nearly as easy to insert or remove as disk-style retainers and is only recommended for those whose urethral orifices have toughened up or who don’t mind some initial discomfort during insertion or removal.

The CUP-6 is made of an inert resilient polymer and is shaped like an inverted cup that must be laterally compressed double and forcibly squeezed in with a rolling motion of the thumb and index finger, which puts significantly more pressure on the urethral orifice and makes it much more difficult to insert or remove than its disk-style counterparts (use of thin forceps is recommended to pull it back out), but its shape and rubbery softness also makes it substantially more comfortable under strong traction while in place. You will find that it lets you apply much more tension over much longer periods than with a disk-style retainer. And the fact that its hole is smaller and is sized to fit spouts tightly, gives it excellent sealing abilities (comparable to TetherPlugs). But, like with the NBR-6, the tradeoff is security. Conceiveably, CUP-6 retainers can compress and pop out, or the holes can stretch and let spouts pull thru, if enough tension is applied, although the tension required to do so might be beyond any normally tolerable limit.

Fitting of cup-style retainers is not like fitting of disk-style retainers, but rather like fitting of TetherPlugs. It depends more on the capacity of your fossa navicularis and your tolerance for pressure on your urethral orifice during insertion/removal than it does on the measurable size of your urethral orifice, and which size you choose will likely vary (depending on your mood and the circumstances) and come only from experience after trying all the different sizes. For this reason, and because it is relatively inexpensive to produce, the CUP-6 is not offered in a choice of sizes. It is sold simply in sets of 5, with sizes in the set ranging from 15 mm to 19 mm in 1 mm increments based on the retainers' maximum outside diameters. No guarantee is given that you will be able to use any or all of them (it depends on your penis), but unless you have an unusually large or small urethra, you will probably be surprised by what fits and find most, if not all, retainers in this set useful at some time or another. Few, if any, will typically go unused.

You will notice that, even though it is only sold in sets, each cup-style retainer (like everything else) has its own unique SKU number and that this number includes a designation of “med” such as in CUP-6-17med. This is to allow for the possibility that the CUP-6 might in the future also be produced in other alternate materials that are softer or firmer. For now, it is only offered in a material of medium (med) resilience.

Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for availability.