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Circular Barbell

Rings and circular barbells made for wear as body-jewelry are sold by countless businesses, both locally and over the Internet, and come in a plethora of styles and designs, but surprisingly, it is hard to find ones suitable for use with the Model SSS-6-P plain spout. For utility purposes you can use ordinary binder rings (found at office supply stores), but anything of higher quality that is practical and will emulate the appearance of a Prince Albert piercing is typically hard to find. To be useful with a spout, a ring should be able to be taken off easily without tools (which rules out captive-bead or segmented rings and such), and it should be large enough that it fits a finger and doesn’t look wimpy, while also still thin enough to fit thru the holes of the spout. Most large rings that other sites sell are meant for body piercings and are typically too thick to fit thru the cross-holes of TP's plain spouts.

This 1-inch diameter circular barbell is one of the few rings that Tether Products has been able to find that fits the bill. It is made entirely of 316L stainless steel with an 8 Ga. hoop that is just narrow enough to fit thru the holes of SSS-6-P plain spouts and has either 5mm or 6mm threaded balls (sorry, TP's choice only) that makes it relatively quick and easy to put on or remove by hand only. Many men will probably also find that the 1-inch hoop is an ideal fit below the rim of the glans when the ring is not attached to a spout, adding to its versatility. Flaccid or erect, it fits TetherSpout's penis perfectly, accentuating the shape of the glans and making it an excellent external electrode for e-stim, with the gap between the end beads leaving just the right amount of space for the frenum.

You will be hard pressed to find a ring more useful or attractive than this, and you sure as heck won't beat the price. Tether Products obtained these circular barbells thru a supplier's clearance sale and is offering them as a convenience to TP’s customers at marginal markup. If you buy one of these in conjunction with TP’s other products, you can save even more by avoiding the additional shipping & handling costs that you would pay at other sites, besides also save a lot of time searching.

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