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5.5-inch Kelly Forceps5.5-inch Kelly Forceps

If you are going to put anything inside your penis, no matter what it might be, then the first thing you should have is a pair of these forceps. They allow you to reach deep into your urethra to gently retrieve objects. They should anyway be considered an essential part of every man’s basic tool kit: not just for penis play, but also for their hundreds of other uses. I keep forceps like these in various parts of my home and use them almost daily, not just for penis play but also for all sorts of other things like changing jumpers and wire connectors inside computers, replacing watch batteries, tightening tiny nuts on eye glasses, plucking hairs, removing splinters, etc.

Forceps like these are essential for delicately pulling things like retainers or other objects like rubber hoses back out of your penis without discomfort or injury. Often it is much easier to pull, rather than to push or squeeze, something back out, Tether Products’ retainers being a prime example. Forceps like these are particularly useful (almost essential) for comfortably removing TP’s cup-style retainers and also for inserting any TetherSpout. I regularly use them to draw spouts thru retainers, instead of using dental floss or pushing them through, by inserting the forceps into the spouts and employing them in reverse fashion to expand and grab the spouts from inside the bore. The jaws then automatically align both parts and act as a nice guide to pull the spouts thru. With rubbery retainers that fit tightly on spouts, it is the easiest way. They can also be used to very quickly and comfortably remove even hard retainers like the SSR-6 or PCR-6 that are barely small enough to pass thru the urethral orifice, provided you grip the retainers only near one edge. And with their fine narrow jaws they are also especially handy for holding threaded spouts from turning when you tighten or loosen screwed-on accessories (especially if you can't use a hex key).

These particular forceps are the least expensive that TP could find and are not fancy, but are nevertheless still of very respectable quality and lack little, unless you are doing brain surgery. They are manufacturers' seconds, made of high-grade but only lightly-polished stainless steel (more expensive forceps are usually just slightly better formed and finished and more highly polished), with standard 3-stage progressive locks, and their thin jaws have fine serrations that TP suggests you check and, if necessary, lightly round off with a sharpening stone or fine wet sandpaper to remove any burrs and rough edges before you use them for the first time. If you don’t abuse them by also using them like ordinary pliers to tighten bolts, pull nails, remove fish hooks, or let your wife sew up the turkey with them, they should last a lifetime.

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