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Disk-style Retainers - Overview

Disk-style retainers are button-like units that are precision sized to comfortably slip edgewise (like a button) thru the constriction of your urethral orifice without requiring distension or necessarily placing any pressure whatsoever on the orifice. They have very precise and tightly controlled shapes in x-section that have been optimized to balance comfort and effectiveness (or in the case of the model SSE-6, to minimize costs) and they are sized according to their minimum perimeter in that x-section expressed in French units (their critical French size). Please refer to the Sizing Guidelines for information on how to select the right French size.

If you compare them, you will notice that disk-style retainers vary not only in size, but also in shape. Disk-style retainers that appear round in plan view distribute forces the most evenly under tension (without unbalanced pressure points), but they are also the smallest operationally and may, depending on the size you choose, feel like they could possibly dilate the urethral orifice and pull thru in cases where very strong forces are involved (they won't actually, not without ripping, but may feel like they could). At such times users will typically want a retainer with a larger perimeter to more fully occupy their fossa navicularis for greater comfort and assurance. To meet such varying conditions and to make size selection less critical, all models of the disk-style retainers except the SSE-6 therefore come in both a minimalist round shape and in two progressively larger oval shapes that all have the same critical French size, but that in the larger oval shapes provide more confident and secure retention than does the round version.

The degree of oval oversizing that you may want or feel most comfortable with is impossible to predetermine or predict. Too many variables are typically involved. Disk-style retainers that come in both round and oversized oval shapes are therefore sold only in sets. Each set, in whatever French size you choose, will include a minimalist round version and two other larger oval versions whose long dimensions in plan view are respectively 1.15 and 1.30 times their width, which will always be the same within each size group. If demand warrants, Tether Products is willing to consider making retainers in each size group that are even more oval and larger than this, but most men will likely find that these three more than satisfy every need.

To order, you only need to know the French size of your orifice (go to the Sizing Guidelines). To see the available sizes and their other dimensions, please go to the Order Page. Critical French sizes and the degree of oval oversizing will be intuitively obvious from the SKU numbers. The order page also gives the retainers’ maximum equivalent diameters, which you will probably find very informative and interesting when you try the different retainers in a set. Compared to the limiting constriction of your orifice, you might be surprised by how large a retainer your penis can actually accommodate, because even the largest within each of these sets likely won't come anywhere close to matching your penis' limits.

For photos and further information on the available models, go to the top menu or click on the links below.

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