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Neodymium Magnets

Tether Products’ neodymium magnets are offered as a convenience to its customers. You can readily find them elsewhere on the Internet, but there you would have to pay separate shipping and handling costs, which can get rather expensive because even tiny single magnets have to be shipped in oversized boxes to avoid creating havoc with automated package handling equipment. Include these magnets when you buy other products from TP and you won’t have that added cost and will probably save.

Neodymium magnets, if you are not already familiar with them, are made from rare earth minerals and are incredibly powerful, making them useful where no ordinary iron or ceramic magnet would ever do. Use them with caution. They can pinch dangerously. The magnets have an attractive nickel-copper-nickel triple-plated finish that the manufacturer claims to be corrosion-resistant, but that may discolor with time (other nickel plated products have been known to) and that some men may be allergic to, but that should generally hold up well and not pose a health risk, because they are not intended for extended internal use.

Knowing how much fun these magnets are to just generally play around with, TP recommends that you buy the smaller cheaper sizes in pairs. But be careful when you play with them. In pairs or larger quantities, they can snap together with such force that it can literally break the thick plating and chip the magnet.


1/8-inch Dia. Neodymium Rod Magnet1/8” Dia. N50 Neodymium Rod Magnet

These tiny extra-powerful neodymium magnets (N50 is one of the strongest grades available) are only 1/8 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch in length (small enough to pass thru Tether Products’ spouts) yet can reportedly generate a pull force of up to 1.8 lb. By pressing one into the end of some flexible vinyl tubing, you can create a thin magnetic probe to conveniently retrieve retainers and spouts from deep within your urethra. All of Tether Products’ metallic spouts and retainers are deliberately made of magnetic 400 series stainless steels to allow such retrieval. That also allows these magnets to be used as a very effective and neat way of connecting wire leads from your e-stim device, in lieu of banana plugs or alligator clips. But don't try to solder the wires on. Press the wires onto the magnets with a tight-fitting segment of vinyl tubing or a tiny cap instead. Neodymium magnets permanently lose their magnetism when excessively heated.


3/8" Dia. Neodymium Ring Magnet3/8” Dia. N42 Neodymium Ring Magnet

These 3/8 inch diameter x 1/8 inch thick neodymium ring magnets have a 1/8 inch diameter countersunk hole that is not much smaller than the inside bore of TP's spouts and that will not materially impeded urination or ejaculation because it has almost no length. Tether Products thinks these magnets will be most useful when bonded to a stainless steel hex nut (also sold by TP) with a drop of superglue. You will then have an attractive end piece that can be screwed onto any threaded spout and used to hold things like large ball-bearings or other decorative objects (as long as they're magnetic) on the end of your dick with a reported pull force of up to 3.5 lb. It is a nifty way of increasing the convenience and versatility of your threaded spouts. The countersunk hole is especially helpful in keeping round objects centered and more strongly attached. They are sure to fire your imagination and bring out your creative talents.


1/2" Dia. Neodymium Ring Magnet1/2” Dia. N50 Neodymium Ring Magnet

Larger, and also of higher grade than the 3/8” ring magnets, these more powerful 1/2 inch diameter x 1/8 inch thick neodymium magnets also have a 1/8 inch countersunk hole that is just marginally smaller than the inside bore of Tether Products’ spouts. Use a drop of superglue to cement one of these babies to a stainless steel hex nut (also sold by TP) and you’ll have an attractive magnetic end piece that can be screwed onto any threaded spout and then used for more serious attachments, such as for keeping a heavy chromed-steel Baoding ball (Chinese exercise ball) stuck to the end of your dick. They have a reported pull force of over 7 lb. and TP's own tests have confirmed that it takes at least 5 lb. to separate one of these from a steel Baoding ball. Use two or more and that force increases even more. There will be almost nothing magnetic that you can't keep reliably attached to the end of your dick. But don't let your dick get too close to the fridge or stove, metal chairs, or anything else magnetic like a belt buckle, if you don't like surprises.


3/8" Dia. Neodymium Ball Magnet3/8” Dia. N42 Neodymium Ball Magnet

This small but powerful 3/8 inch diameter ball magnet is a convenient and attractive way to cap the end of any spout, in lieu of the vinyl caps that come with every spout, in order to prevent lint and other contaminants from getting into your urethra during extended wear. With plain spouts it can be used as a cap and to put on a finishing touch even while a hook or ring is being actively used. All of TP’s spouts are deliberately made of magnetic 420-grade stainless steel to imaginatively allow use of such magnets.

Having a French size of just under 28.6Fr, many men will even be able to insert this ball magnet all the way into their urethras, in which case it could also conceivably be used like a hidden mechanical valve that blocks a spout from the inside and only allows semen or urine to be released when manually pushed to the side to unblock the hole of the spout. Besides being more convenient, that can create a better seal than an external magnet or cap, because neither pressure nor the side holes of the spouts will matter. Some men will undoubtedly appreciate having such invisible absolute control over their penises that urinating or ejaculating isn't even possible unless they manually hold and squeeze their penis a certain way. Imagine, for example, being able to pull your dick out of her cunt at just the right moment and not loosing a drop of cum until it is perfectly aimed in her mouth or elsewhere. But if you do use this ball magnet internally, don't let anything magnetic come close from the outside. Those objects can pinch dangerously. If the object stays stuck on long enough, you could end up with a Prince Albert piercing that you didn't want.


1/2" Dia. Neodymium Ball Magnet1/2” Dia. N42 Neodymium Ball Magnet

This 1/2 inch diameter neodymium ball magnet makes a bolder fashion statement than its smaller sibling, but is still small enough to be used with any of Tether Products’ screw-on ring pieces. In particular, the threaded part of TP's fancy screw-on ring piece is magnetic 410-grade stainless steel, allowing very strong attachment, but the ring itself is non-magnetic 316-grade stainless, so as not to interfere with such use. Of course, the magnet will also stick to any spout alone, but be careful when you let it snap on. It is very powerful and will pinch or cut any skin or flesh that's in the way.



5/8" Dia. Neodymium Ball Magnet5/8” Dia. N42 Neodymium Ball Magnet

This 5/8 inch diameter neodymium ball magnet makes the boldest fashion statement of all. It too is still small enough to be used with Tether Products’ fancy screw-on ring pieces and make an attractive addition that blocks the opening. Used alone with a spout of the proper length, it may also stick tight enough (pressing into your orifice if the spout is short) to act as a perfect seal and prevent fluids from leaking out. But be very careful: it is enormously powerful and will uncontrollably snap onto anything magnetic that remotely comes close. You don’t want any skin or flesh inside your orifice to be in the way.


All ball magnets have magnetic poles that pass axially thru their spheres. They will have the strongest pull when either end of that axis is directly in contact with something magnetic. In other words, they won’t roll freely on a flat steel surface, but rather will stick to one spot and be inclined to spring back to it when shoved, unless shoved far enough to overcome the friction and slide rather than roll. By turning the ball you may be able to use that characteristic to moderate how strongly they stick to the end of a spout or other object (to assist in attaching or removing them). Tether Products expects customers will buy the ball magnets, not only for their aesthetic appeal and the way they can cap a spout, but also for the way the larger sizes can act as powerful connections to external appliances like cock cages, chains, weights and other accessories.


1/2" Dia. N54 Neodymium Disk Magnet1/2" Dia. N50 Neodymium Disk Magnet

Ball magnets are an attractive and exceptionally easy way to block the end of a spout and add a decorative touch to your penis, but speaking from experience, there will be many times when you don't want a ball prominently projecting from the end of your penis or chafing at the mouth and would rather just cap it off with a thin unobtrusive disk that sits flat and won't snag or rub on anything. Just like you don't always wear the same shoes or clothes every day, how you dress up your penis will usually depend on your activities and your mood, and this thin 1/16" thick disk magnet may often be all that you want. It is particularly suitable for keeping lint and other contaminants out during casual wear when you are wearing a threaded spout topped by a hex nut, where a ball magnet would prominently project. With a short enough spout that the nut nestles inside your orifice (or even without a nut), it can look like you have a 1/2" dia. plug fitted flush at the end of your dick, yet feel practically unnoticeable inside your briefs because nothing is projecting to rub or add pressure. You will appreciate the high N50 grade of neodymium, which makes it powerful and effective despite its unobtrusive thinness. It will even reliably stick to the small tapered end of a plain spout.


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