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Model PBP-6-R Push-button Lock-on PinTetherPins™ Defined

The TetherSpout Chronicles might have you thinking that TetherSpouts™ and TetherPlugs™ are all there are because they make no mention whatsoever of Tether Products' other trademarked product: the TetherPin™. Technically, TetherPins have, by default, existed for as long as TetherSpouts and can be defined as a combination of a retainer and any blank keeper that functions like a solid pin (solid meaning there is no passage for fluids thru it), such as if you were to use an ordinary hinge pin or clevis pin with a small head to engage your retainer. But TetherPins didn't really merit much attention as a separate product category until Tether Products' discovery of these push-button ball-lock pins, which has since made TetherPins very practical and useful, whereas before there had seemed no distinct advantage to using a pin in lieu of a spout.

Ball-lock pins, such as the examples shown to the left, are not new and are made by numerous manufacturers around the world (but often only by special order to the customer's specifications) and come in a multitude of styles and designs. Some have tacky plastic components; others don't offer full corrosion protection; and most simply aren't available in the correct size, or in a style that you would want attached to the end of your dick. The biggest problem is that they invariably always have a large button & spring housing (like those in the photo at left) that won't fit inside the orifice of most men's penises, which typically forces them to project prominently from the end of your dick. If that is not a concern, you may be able to find one that fills your need and is not too expensive by searching the Internet. But Tether Products believes that most men will only ever be happy with the proprietary custom-designed ball-lock pin shown below. You won't find this pin anywhere else.


Model PBP-6-C Push-button Ball-lock PinModel PBP-6-C Push-button Ball-lock Pin

The model PBP-6-C (the "C" stands for custom) push-button ball-lock pin that is shown to the left is custom designed and purposely made to TP's specifications. Its chief distinction is that it does not have a large button & spring housing that would protrude from the end of your penis, making it completely insertable (up to the top flange) and hence supremely comfortable because there is nothing large protruding to snag or cause pressure and bending forces during extended wear inside clothing. As its name implies, this is a solid ball-lock pin that can be manipulated from the outside to rapidly engage hard unyielding retainers like the SSR-6 or PCR-6 after they have been inserted into your penis, with the key advantage of never needing to insert anything else like a spout first. In use, you merely insert one of TP's retainers into your penis and thereafter simply engage the retainer from the outside by probing for its hole and sticking the tip of the push-button pin thru it. Voilà, you effectively have a TetherPin™ that in many ways can be used to control and manage you penis even easier and more conveniently than with a TetherSpout™. It is a good way, for example, to engage an oversized retainer that, for whatever reason, you have taken time to slowly force into your penis and wish to leave there semi-permanently (because it would be similarly time consuming and difficult to remove) without also needing to constantly wear an attendant spout as well. The button has a 3 mm diameter hole that will prevent removal of the pin whenever anything like a ring or lock is attached and the 18 mm diameter flange has two additional 1.5 mm holes that can be used to conveniently attach a tether or other accessories without operational interference.

The pin has two tiny lock-balls near its tip that retract when the spring-loaded button on the other end is pushed and that positively engage and hold the retainer from slipping off the pin after the button is released. Literally no amount of force, short of outright destruction, will cause hard retainers like the SSR-6 to release from the pin unless the external button on the end is pushed. The lock-balls are set a small distance back from the tip, so you can probe for the hole of the retainer and set the tip into it before you push the button. When you do, you will sense the pin slide thru and engage the retainer the instant the button is pushed. It is a very quick and comfortable way to connect your penis to anything and there is certainly no safer or quicker way to disconnect. Just push the button.

These push-button ball-lock pins are precision mechanisms made entirely of corrosion resistant stainless steels (including the spring and other inner workings). They don't need lubrication and will not corrode, but could foul and jam up if you don't occasionally soak and clean them in water. They currently come in four different grip lengths. Measure carefully before you order. The grip length is the stem distance between the lock-balls and the underside of the flange and is denoted in mm by the last two numerals of the stock number. Which grip length you choose will depend on the depth of your orifice and how snugly you want it to fit. The best way to determine that is by carefully measuring how much of a TetherSpout protrudes and is accessible, and how compresssible the surrounding tip of your dick remains, when you put it under various levels of tension. A long grip length may allow you to string on two or more retainers, to adjust the fit that way, or leave room for other attachments under the flange. TP anticipates that many customers will ultimately buy two or more pins of differing grip lengths to give themselves maximum flexibility and versatility. They are, after all, an investment good for a lifetime. Why scrimp?

NOTE: The more common ball-lock pins illustrated at the top of this page, which you can readily find on the Internet, are shown only for comparative reference and are not currently offered for sale, but may be if there is enough demand. In case you're interested, the particular models shown above have button & spring housings of 12.0 mm diameter (the smallest TP could find), which may be small enough to allow the housings to snuggle inside the entrance to your urethra or possibly even extend all the way thru the constriction of your orifice (if your orifice is 36Fr or larger). But the pins are only available in grip lengths that start at 10 mm and increase in coarse 5 mm increments from there. If you feel these dimensional limitations would not be a serious detriment to a good fit and would prefer these more conventional types of pins, please let Tether Products know via the Customer Feedback Form, giving the particulars of your own personal needs like grip length and the style you would prefer (flat, recessed or ring handle). Depending on demand, TP may be willing to stock these also, for the convenience of its customers, but they would still only come in standard available grip lengths. The chief advantages of TP's proprietary model PBP-6-C are that it is completely insertable (up to the thin flange) and comes in grip lengths spaced only 2 mm apart, assuring a generally perfect fit and much greater versatility.


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