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Customer Service & Feedback


Please note that, due to the very intimate and personal nature of its products and the potential for those products (if they were ever shared) to harbor and spread disease, Tether Products cannot accept returns and all sales, once they leave TP’s premises, are final.

Order Processing, Cancellations and Adjustments

Tether Products generally endeavors to process and ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt (except weekends and holidays when the post office is closed). During this short processing period, four different scenarios may foreseeably arise:





The above only applies to foreseeable events. Hopefully it will never happen, but if Tether Products is responsible for screwing up an order, or if you receive a defective product, contact TP by clicking on this Customer Service Form link and TP will do everything possible and within reason to make things right.

Note: To reduce spam, Tether Products' direct email addresses are not given out and the links to the Customer Service Form and Customer Feedback Form on this page will only work if you have legitimately entered the website. Otherwise they will just send you right back to this same page.

Customer Feedback

Tether Products relies on customer feedback to expand the size range of existing product lines and to develop new products. If you have need of a particular size of a product that is not currently offered, or an idea for a new product, please let Tether Products know via this link, Customer Feedback Form.

Please be aware that this contact link should only be used for specific comments, requests and suggestions of a commercially helpful or informative nature. Tether Products would prefer that you reserve your general praise and accolades (or criticisms and dislikes, if you have any) for public forums like those that can be found at newart.com, smartstim.com, zity.biz, lpsg.org and the like, where they will be seen by others. Comments submitted to Tether Products via the Customer Feedback Form will only be seen and used by Tether Products and will generally not be published.

User Forums

There are no longer any plans to establish a users' forum on this website. Instead, users are encouraged to join the Tetherspout Users group at FetLife.com. Basic membership is free and members have the freedom to post photographs and participate in any discussions they wish. Tether Products may from time to time contribute to these discussions but generally has no control over them and is simply another member.