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Model SSS-6-T Threaded Spout Model SSS-6-T Threaded Spout

The SSS-6-T spouts are more specialized units that are distinguished by their threaded ends. They allow you to screw on any appliance or external hardware that has a standard metric M6x1.0 thread, such as one of the attractive and exceedingly useful screw-on ring pieces sold in the Accessories section (be sure to check them out). To make other attachments, you can readily find stainless steel nuts and other interesting fitttings with this thread size at many hardware and marine stores, or adapt almost anything to a threaded spout with the tools and accessories sold in the Accessories section herein.

The threads on these spouts are rounded and polished to avoid irritation during insertion and the round 4 mm diameter center bore is formed into a just slightly smaller 3.5 mm hexagonal shape within the flange area so that you can use an ordinary hex key (included only when you buy the full set) to keep the spout from turning when screwing-on things. The slight hexagonal constriction inside the flange has no noticeable effect on fluid flow and allows urination or ejaculation just as easily as plain spouts. The threaded portion also has two very small cross-holes that allow you to use a thin string like dental floss to comfortably draw the spout thru a retainer (rather than have to push it thru) while inside your penis. The tiny holes are also useful for other applications, like attaching a thin tether or a wire lead from your e-stim device.

Modified Safety PinHere's a useful DIY tip: If you bend first and then cut an ordinary safety pin to look like the one shown to the left (takes only five minutes), you can use it to engage the tiny cross-holes of the spouts from inside the bore and then easily attach your dick to unusual things: like to the inside of cock cages, glans caps, helmets, long closed tubes, and other chastity devices where attachment might otherwise be very awkward or impossible. Just pull it thru with a string and then screw the spout on by turning the safety pin (if the attachment's hole has the correct thread) or spin on a nut from the outside. You can then remove the modified safety pin and properly tighten it with a hex key. It's quick and easy. Of course, this modified safety pin is also a neat way to simply attach a tether to a threaded spout.

The chief distinction of the SSS-6-T spouts is their external threads, which allow the center bore to remain completely unobstructed when anything is attached. With the right threaded attachment, things like tethers, hooks, clasps or ornamental rings and other jewelry or devices do not have to be removed before you pee or ejaculate. Sometimes that can obviously be an enormous advantage and convenience.

The SSS-6-T threaded spouts come in four different lengths which can be purchased individually or as a set. You can save a little money by purchasing the full set and it would be prudent to do so because you will find that your length requirements to achieve a perfect fit will often vary, depending on what is attached. With a full set you will also receive a free bonus hex key. The last two numerals in the SKU number indicate the overall length in millimeters.

For extended wear when nothing is attached, every spout comes with a soft little vinyl cap that will avoid irritation when the spout is pushed in deep and hidden, and that will prevent lint and other contaminants from getting into your urethra if the spout protrudes. With a retainer that seals, it can also neatly prevent unwanted leakage or messy drips.


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