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Sizing Sounds & DilatorsSizing Sounds & Dilators

Tether Products’ sizing sounds & dilators are meant primarily to let you measure the size of your urethral orifice with unparalleled accuracy before you buy a disk-style retainer, but can also be used like a conditioning or warm-up tool to stretch and loosen up your orifice before inserting retainers (if you are fanatic about using the largest retainer possible) and (optionally) to very effectively and pleasurably enlarge your urethral orifice permanently in small controllable stepped increments, if you need to or so desire.

There are several reasons why you might want to permanently enlarge your urethral orifice. The most obvious is if it is currently too small to accept one of Tether Products spouts or retainers, because it is unlikely that spouts or retainers smaller than 26Fr will ever be produced. It is not even certain that smaller ones are feasible or practical. Smaller tetherspouts would likely restrict ejaculation and urination too much and not provide meaningful resistance to tension. When one weighs the pros and cons, enlarging a small orifice is not that difficult to do and has far fewer drawbacks than using a smaller spout and retainer. By the same token, other reasons why you might want to permanently enlarge your urethral orifice are because the larger the retainer is, the greater the tension it can comfortably sustain and also the more electrical current it can conduct without becoming a hotspot if you use your tetherspout as an electrode for electro-stimulation (e-stim).

There is also no denying that the practice of stretching and enlarging the orifice can be extremely arousing and enjoyable, simply in its own right. Before you do it, however, you should consider how that might change your penis’ appearance or reduce the force of your ejaculation and urine flow. And you should also realize that permanently stretching and enlarging your urethral orifice will make whatever size of TetherSpout or TetherPlug, that you presently use, less comfortable and effective at resisting strong tension. But it stands to reason that, to whatever size you manage to stretch your urethral orifice, theoretically at least it should be possible to dilate and stretch the fossa navicularis equally as much, and hence still be able to effectively use a retainer or plug, provided you don’t ever cut or accidentally tear the tough constricting ring of tissue that lies embedded inside the orifice and which the retainer depends on. Although TP can't guarantee anything, the only drawback to enlarging your urethral orifice therefore might be that you would need to buy progressively larger retainers as you keep enlarging it, and in the meantime your penis might not adapt or become inured to wearing a TetherSpout or TetherPlug quite as effectively and comfortably as it otherwise might.

With all of that said: if you really want to distend and enlarge your urethral orifice in a particularly effective and controllable way that lets you accurately track progress, or if you simply want to know exactly how large your urethral orifice is before you buy a retainer and wish to periodically check its size (the size of Tether’s own orifice hasn’t changed in over 20 years despite occasionally stretching it almost to the breaking point) consider purchasing one of these unique sizing sounds & dilators that only Tether Products sells. It is cheaper than buying a full set of ordinary sounds and much more effective and enjoyable to use than the usual assortment of marker pens and other tapered probes that you might otherwise employ.

These sizing sounds & dilators are precision machined to allow precisely measuring the size of your orifice and for stretching it in very small discrete increments. They are solid one-piece probes made of 416 stainless steel that increase in diameter from one end to the other in small uniform stepped increments of just 1 French size per step with an abrupt but rounded and still gentle 45-degree ramp between steps, which makes moving from one step up to the next larger size easy but also very evident when you do (happens with a noticeable pop or jump). Each sound has 11 discrete steps or lands with the size indelibly laser-etched on each step (polishing them, if they get scuffed, will not remove the markings). The length of each step is 15 mm (enough to slide back and forth a little) and the total insert able length is just under 17 cm (<7 inches) which most men will find still short enough to be able to insert them to their full length, diameter permitting.

Most men will only ever need one of these. There are two models currently available: the SSD-20-30, which starts at a size of 20Fr (6.67 mm) and ends at 30Fr (10.00 mm), and the SSD-26-36 which is uniformly 6 French sizes or 2 mm larger. They are consistent with the retainer sizes that TP currently offers and are presently the only models available because they are probably all that the vast majority of recreational users who only want to measure and stretch occasionally for the pleasure, or who have limited ambitions, will ever need. But if you have an unusually large urethral orifice to begin with, or have greater ambitions, you will notice that on the order page provision has been made for other larger models that may be added in the future, depending on demand. Please let Tether Products know if you would be interested.

The advantages of these sizing sounds & dilators, over ordinary sounds, are that withdrawal is not required to advance to the next size, and the fact that they are so finely graduated. With ordinary sounds that are typically graduated in coarse 1 mm increments (equivalent to 3 French sizes) and where one must be removed to insert the next, it is often nigh impossible to move on to the next larger size without difficulty, pain or even bloodshed. With ordinary sounds, even repeatedly reinserting the same sound at the orifice’s limit can often be difficult because of the orifice’s slight elasticity and tendency to instantly revert back to smaller size when the sound is withdrawn. It is much better to be able to progress from one size to the next without interruption and to do so in very small steps. And being able to proceed in such discrete steps makes these sizing sounds & dilators vastly more enjoyable than using continuously tapered probes which give little tangible indication of progress. To preserve these advantages, if other larger models are ever offered, they will follow the same sizing pattern, always overlapping and starting four French sizes smaller than the maximum size of the preceding model to maintain continuity.

These probes have a gleaming polished finish. Tether Products worried that polishing them so highly might affect their precision and make them too slick, reducing the sensation of drag as you slide them in and out, but that concern turned out to be unfounded on both counts. Most uniquely, when stretched to its limit, your orifice will feel like it is biting down hard on the probe at the upper end and doesn't want to let go, while the rest of the probe is still able to freely slip and slide inside your urethra (you'll love it). TP is confident you will be pleased.

For added versatility, in case you want to incorporate these sizing sounds & dilators into something more elaborate like a custom-made holder that externally attaches below your glans and keeps them fixed at a set point inside your penis (not hard to make, if you are mechanically inclined), they come with a shiny black removable knob that is held on by a threaded nylon stud. The probes and knobs have the same M6x1.0 thread found on TP’s threaded spouts and can be used separately. Or you can replace the knob with something heavier (like the large stainless steel ball knob sold in the Accessories section) if you want to let gravity do the work of inexorably pushing them into your dick. You could even screw the probe onto a threaded spout and use it as a handle or weight, or then use your penis to shove it into someone else's urethra, or better yet, join two probes together and then see who backs off first. Tether's favorite is screwing it to the inside of a vacuum tube and then watching his dick get progressively drawn onto it hands-free in sudden 15 mm steps, as if by an inexorable force, while it lengthens and swells with each squeeze of the pump. There are a lot of ways these probes can be used.

But take heed. When you use one of these sizing sounds & dilators you will find there are always one or two challenging steps (sometimes even more, depending on how stretchy and elastic your orifice is) that the end of your dick reluctantly slides onto with very noticeable and sudden pops or jumps, only after some concerted effort. At the absolute limit, you will likely initially only be able to keep it on the last step for a short while before the distension becomes too much and inclines you to back off and feel the wash of relief. The danger is that both feelings can be so triumphant and arousing that you may become immune to the extreme distension that your orifice is actually experiencing (it can be deceivingly close to the breaking point) and you may be tempted to move on to an even larger step before your penis is actually ready.

Don’t overdo it. Be aware that the urethral orifice needs time to actually physically grow and adapt and that it is not simply a matter of how much distension you can tolerate. The tiny step increments and the abrupt but gentle ramps between steps, that these dilators provide, are there to pleasurably optimize dilation and to make it easy to progressively stretch or enlarge the urethral orifice in small regulated increments (most other sounds are sized in much coarser increments), but that “baby steps” process is also very conducive to arousal, which may mask discomfort and deceptively lessen your perception of the distension, increasing the chance of the urethral orifice accidentally tearing. Be patient, don’t get too exuberant, exercise common sense, and use at your own risk. As with any of its other products, Tether Products accepts no liability for any consequences resulting from the use of these sizing sounds & dilators.

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