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Fiberglass Tensioning RodsFiberglass Tensioning Rods

With simple tools like an electric drill or rotary tool, anyone should be able to fashion a wooden ring or yolk like those that are shown in Albums 11 & 12 of the TetherSpout Chronicles (if you don't have hole-saws handy, use a coping saw or a sideways cutter bit to make the basic shape), but obtaining fiberglass rods to make up a tensioning device for penile lengthening, for foreskin restoration or frenum adjustment, or merely to enhance self-gratification and masturbation techniques like keeping your dick taut for stroking or e-stim, may not be so easy. These fiberglass rods are therefore offered as a convenience to TP’s customers to make life a little easier.

These 1/8-inch diameter fiberglass rods spring back straight and have a smooth finish that won’t easily splinter when sharply bent like some cheaper rods will. They are sold in sets of 5, which should be enough to satisfy almost anyone's needs, and come in 2-foot lengths (TP had them specially cut to that length to avoid having to charge customers extra for shipping) that can be easily cut down to shorter lengths by using a file or a very fine hacksaw blade. You might even be able to get two useful lengths out of one rod.

Include a set of these rods when you purchase other products from Tether Products and you can avoid the high cost and hassle of buying them elsewhere. That is, if you can even find them elsewhere. Most manufacturers only sell in bulk quantities, or only in minimum 8-foot lengths with attendant high shipping costs for small quantities, and not many hobby shops or construction outlets carry them.



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