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NOTE: The following product is currently still at the planning and design stage (not yet available for sale) and this tentative description is only provided to gauge potential customer interest. If you would be seriously interested in purchasing this product, please use the customer feedback link at the bottom of this page to let Tether Products know. You will not be under any obligation to buy, nor will you be contacted if it becomes available, but please be candid and don't overstate your interest.


Model PLG-1 TetherPlugModel PLG-1 TetherPlug

TetherPlugs are similar to the prototypes shown and explained in Album 5 of the TetherSpout Chronicles, except that their shapes, sizes and composition have been optimized and considerably improved. They are bulb-like retainers made of an inert resilient polymer, with an attached thin tube and tapered end fitting. They rely primarily on the intrinsic structural strength of their bulb shape (like an egg), combined with the resiliency of their materials (not inflation) to maintain shape and resist expulsion during use. They can be used, not only to securely plug your penis, but also to apply tremendous tension. Only when their bulb shape is defeated, such as by creating a dimple physically or thru suction, do they become relatively easy to pull out.

TetherPlugs are made to be inserted by first collapsing them with mouth suction (the preferred method) or physically dimpling them into a cup shape and then further compressing them double and forcefully squeezing them thru the urethral orifice with a rolling motion of the thumb and finger, much like the CUP-6 retainer. Removal is likewise accomplished by simply collapsing them with suction or physically dimpling them (if you can do it) before pulling them back out. Because of their resilience, both of these actions place significantly more pressure on the orifice than do disk-style retainers. Like the CUP-6, they are therefore only recommended for those whose urethral orifices have toughened up or who don’t mind some initial discomfort during insertion or removal. For me, with my toughened orifice, insertion is a breeze, and pulling them back out while collapsed is also a snap (I do it numerous times per day without any residual soreness), but I still always find the extraction process a little bit daunting or intimidating because it can require so much force, even when the bulb is collapsed. There's no pain, but you have to have faith that it will indeed pop out without splitting your orifice wide open. That faith generally only comes with experience. If your orifice is not too sensitive, it can help to squeeze your glans firmly from the outside while pulling on the plug. The resultant pressure may be greater, but the distension and chance of your orifice actually tearing will be less.

Fitting of TetherPlugs is not like fitting of disk-style retainers, but rather like fitting of cup-style retainers. It depends more on the capacity of your fossa navicularis and your tolerance for pressure on your urethral orifice during insertion/removal than it does on the measurable size of your urethral orifice and can only be determined by trial and error. TetherPlugs are therefore sold only in sets, like cup-style retainers, with sizes in the set ranging from 15 mm to 19 mm in 1 mm increments based on the retainers' maximum outside diameters. As with the CUP-6, no guarantee is given that you will be able to use any or all of them (it depends on your penis), but typically you will be pleasantly surprised by what fits and likely find that few, if any, of these plugs go unused. They can be used to plug and seal your penis to any degree that you like and to comfortably apply tremendous tension.

Each TetherPlug has a small O-ring so that the tube and end fitting can be conveniently fixed into a loop (see photo) for attachment to a tether, a tensioning rod or other device, and each set comes with a length of elastic tubing that you can use to collapse the bulb by mouth suction and/or use as a convenient tether.

You will notice that, even though they are only sold in sets, each TetherPlug (like everything else) has its own unique SKU number and that this number includes a designation of “med” as in PLG-1-17med. This is to allow for the possibility that TetherPlugs might in the future also be produced in other alternate materials that are softer or firmer. For now, they are only offered in a material of medium (med) resilience. The lone numeral 1 in the SKU number stands for Series 1, in case their shape or configuration is ever changed.

Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for availability.