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Screw-on Ring Pieces

Generally, the main purpose of TP’s spouts is to let you securely attach things to your penis. Plain spouts like the SSS-6-P, which simply have cross holes at the end, are very adaptive and versatile in that regard, but have a notable drawback in that any attachment, like a hook, a ring or a clasp, will invariably obstruct or impede ejaculation or urination to some degree and may often need to be removed first. That is where threaded spouts like the SSS-6-T have a huge advantage. Attachments can be made to the spout without obstructing the center bore. But suitable attachments can be hard to find or make, because they require a threaded hole that fits. That’s where these screw-on ring pieces come in.

The following screw-on ring pieces are purposely designed and sold to compliment TP’s threaded spouts: as decorative and erotically stimulating pieces in their own right and to let you attach a tether or leash to your penis without the inconvenience of having to remove or disconnect anything before you pee or ejaculate. Because there is nothing to obstruct flow or cause irritation, these screw-on ring pieces can be worn continuously, probably even during intercourse, allowing them to be semi-permanent and exceedingly useful fixtures. Tether Products currently offers three different versions as described below.

Model SRP-M6-P Screw-on Ring Piece

As can be seen at left, the plain model SRP-M6-P is really nothing more than a stainless steel hex nut to which a moveable stainless steel ring has been fitted. This is as simple as it gets. With the ring turned to the side, you will be able to urinate cleanly and accurately while standing up, at a moment's notice, without ever worrying about spray or splash. You’ll never miss the toilet again and will be able to finely write your name in the snow or sand as never before. Both the nut and the ring are non-magnetic 316 stainless steel, but TP's magnetic spouts will fit flush with the nut at the top, making it possible to still use a ball or disk magnet to prevent lint and other contaminants from getting into your urethra during extended wear. Just don’t forget to remove the magnet before you pee or cum.


Model SRP-6-F Screw-on Ring PieceModel SRP-M6-F Screw-on Ring Piece

The model SRP-6-F is somewhat fancier and a bit more useful. The threaded end-piece on that model, shown at left, is substantially larger and has a more rounded and polished shape that is less likely to irritate and that some may find more attractive. It is custom machined from 400 series stainless steel (like the spouts and retainers), to make it magnetically attractive. If you use a magnet to cap the end, or if you use magnets instead of clips or plugs to attach wire leads from your e-stim device, it will provide much stronger attraction than just the end of a spout alone. The ring, on the other hand, is still deliberately made of non-magnetic 316 stainless steel so as not to interfere with such use. TetherSpout likes it because the nut is too big to nestle inside his orifice (like the other nut) and sits more on top like a prominent end cap. It can be very attractive.



NOTE: As-is, the above screw-on ring pieces are serviceable, but neither will win any awards as fine body jewelry, unless you touch up and polish them yourself. Tether Products was very disappointed (to say the least) and immediately rejected these pieces when they first arrived. The shape and dull finish of the rings can only be described as crude and is nothing like the perfectly round and polished rings that were specified and expected. Not even the thickness and diameters of the rings on either model is close to spec (they were supposed to be of two very different sizes, not the same). And most disconcerting was that the rings fit very tightly, making it difficult to swing the ring up or to one side. The latter was initially considered a fatal flaw, rendering them completely unfit for sale, however, after wearing one for a week, TetherSpout now thinks that this is not so bad and may even be considered preferable by some. The tight friction fit lets you stiffly turn the ring to any fixed position you want: even pressing hard against your glans like a clamp. TP has therefore reluctantly decided to sell them, but only at a steep discount (which the supplier is absorbing) on the premise that, at the very least, they are still better than nothing. Please don’t consider their quality reflective of TP’s other products, or expect too much.

Model SRP-6-M Screw-on Ring PieceModel SRP-M6-M Screw-on Ring Piece

For those looking to make a stronger fashion statement, there is also the model SRP-M6-M. It comes closest to emulating the big rings that men with Prince Albert piercings wear. As shown at left, this is a solid forged 316 stainless steel (non-magnetic) eye nut with a very thick 6 mm fixed ring. Because the ring is fixed and can't be swung to the side like it can with the others, urination can get a little splashy and you may have to sit down to pee cleanly. It also means that putting it on can get a little tricky, because you can’t just start it on the thread and then twirl a hex key to screw it on, like you can with the others. You’ll need to hold your spout with forceps while you screw on the ring. But with its broader base and far bigger ring, it will give your penis a much bolder and tougher look and feel, like it really means business. Besides its utility for handling your penis in a very domineering way, it has a lot of heft and a very macho look that will leave no doubt that your penis is not shy about rough treatment.

All-in-all, whichever you choose, these screw-on ring pieces are extremely versatile and virtually essential accessories to threaded spouts that can be comfortably and conveniently worn like fine pieces of erotic jewelry (if you polish them up) that have exceptional utility as well. Over time, you'll likely want to have them all, because they each have their place.

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