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Clasp & Clip Clasp & Clip

If you have a plain spout, you'll find that a simple hook & clip, like the one TP sells, is generally the most useful and versatile accessory you can have, mainly because it can be attached or detached so easily. But hooks can fall off when the clip isn't attached to something. Probably the second most used item in every man’s collection of accessories will be a clasp & clip like this. Something like this is essential for those times when you want to securely leave a clip dangling, ready to attach to anything to keep your penis out of trouble (or in trouble), without worrying about losing it.

Tether Products purchases these clasps & clips in volume and assembles them in house, and has not been able to find any manufacturer that makes them in stainless steel. These are thus probably as inexpensive and as good as any you can ever put together yourself. The clips are nickel-plated steel and the clasps (aka trigger-snap hooks) are nickel-plated alloy. Both may tarnish or corrode with time, but with care should last for many years, if not forever.

The clasps & clips are joined by a stainless steel jump ring that is deliberately intended to bend open and let the clasp and clip separate in the event that too much tension is ever accidentally applied. You should however not rely on this to prevent injury and always exercise great care whenever your penis is attached to anything immoveable or heavy. In case you ever want to increase the break strength, or if it does separate and the ring gets lost, an extra jump ring is included and is loosely attached to the clasp's swivel.

While supplies last, each clasp & clip comes (free of charge) with a bonus clip that is attached to a small clear plastic strap. You can use the tiny strap, with its snap closure, to attach the clip to any closed ring that might be attached to your TetherSpout (in lieu of using the clasp & clip), giving you even more options for how you control your penis. The bonus clip with strap is particularly useful for attachment to accessories such as TP's screw-on ring pieces for threaded spouts, which come with a closed ring permanently attached.

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