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Note: Because of the unusual nature of the products offered herein, which requires some understanding of how they work and can be used, Tether Products urges you to systematically read everything on this website and not just randomly skim through the photos and pages.

The revolutionary and highly innovative products that Tether Products sells are not the usual gamut of penis plugs, cock & scrotal rings, urethral sounds, chastity devices and other common sex toys for men that you may be used to seeing. Rather, they are an eclectic collection of very unusual and unique products and accessories for men that are based on a radical new approach to penis management and that are innovatively designed to let you physically enhance and get more pleasure from your penis in ways that you may have only dreamed of, or perhaps never even imagined: most notably without piercing or otherwise disfiguring or altering your penis in any way. They are benign, highly versatile penile enhancements that can forever add to virtually anything you do with your penis, without ever becoming too small or losing their fit, and that will likely blow your mind once you realize that their myriad uses are only limited by your imagination and fantasies. And you will only find them here.

The products are grouped into three simple categories: namely SPOUTS & PINS, RETAINERS and ACCESSORIES, as listed in the above menu bar, within which you will find everything needed to make-up and compliment the use of Tether Products’ unique patent-pending TetherSpouts™, TetherPlugs™ and TetherPins™.

If you are not already familiar with TetherSpouts, TetherPins and TetherPlugs and their many uses, you should view some of the TetherSpout Chronicles (photo albums) first. Click on the above menu and start with Album 1 after you have read the intro page which gives details on how they can be viewed or downloaded. To gain a basic understanding you should also read the first two articles on the FAQs & Useful Tips page.

You will see that TetherSpouts and TetherPins are unique two-part assemblies, unavailable-elsewhere, that consist of a revolutionary new urethral retainer and a spout or pin, and that TetherPlugs are a specialized type of urethral retainer that requires no spout or pin. They can all be used in literally hundreds of different ways to let you get enormously more pleasure from your penis. Because the spouts & pins and the retainers are largely interchangeable (mix & match) and because they come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing many different combinations, the spouts, the pins and the retainers are all sold separately. If you buy one, please make sure you also get the other, where needed, to make up what will be your own personalized TetherSpout™ or TetherPin™. And don’t forget to look at the accessories.

You will see that Tether's products are not expensive. For only about $20.00 or possibly even less, you can buy all the components of a fully functional and adaptive TetherSpout™, consisting of a deluxe stainless steel spout and a set of three precision-sized retainers that will give you day-to-day choices of how securely and inextricably you want it to fit. A full set of TetherPlugs™ may cost even less. But if that still seems like a lot to pay, keep in mind that most of the products (especially those made of stainless steel) will last you for a lifetime. Unlike primitive penis plugs that brutally stretch the urethral orifice, they won't ever become too small with repeated use and loose their effectiveness over time, and, like distinctive personalized jewelry pieces, they will never loose their aesthetic & vanity appeal. Nor is it likely that you will ever simply get bored with them and loose interest (unless you're dead). They are a lifetime's investment in pleasure, worth buying even at 10x the cost.


Because Tether Products is a very new business that is basically just starting out, you may find that some products are still in the planning stage and not yet available, or not available in the particular size you need. While not in themselves individually expensive, many of the products require costly tooling or molds and other large capital outlays for economical production runs, whereas Tether Products presently has very limited startup funds. Finding manufacturers even capable of making TP's products is also proving very difficult. It is thus going to take a while before all products are available. During this period you can help Tether Products decide which planned products should be given priority, or which sizes should be added to inventory next, by providing your personal feedback. Please use this link (Customer Feedback Form), which can also be reached thru the Customer Service & Customer Feedback link contained in the banner below, to indicate your needs and interests and to make any suggestions on which pending products should be brought to market first, what sizes should be added, or any other specific suggestions on how Tether Products might expand or improve its product line.

But please reserve your praise and accolades (or criticisms and dislikes, if you have any) for public forums where they will be seen by others. All comments and suggestions submitted thru Customer Feedback will be kept confidential and will be seen only by Tether Products. Your silence will be taken as a positive indication that Tether Products is on track to satisfactorily meeting your own personal requirements.

Assuming you have a penis or have a partner who does, please think of Tether Products, not as just another sex business, but as a personal resource that you have a vested interest in supporting... a place for new ideas and a source of truly innovative and unique products pertaining to novel forms of sexual activity, male expression, masturbation and self-gratification, based on sound reasoning and experience without the silly or misleading hype and the unrealistic or exaggerated product claims you see on other sites... and where your input matters.

If you approve of Tether Products, please spread the word by mentioning TetherSpouts, TetherPins and TetherPlugs in public forums and leaving comments wherever you think they would be appropriate and won't offend others.