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NOTE: The following product is currently still at the planning or design stage (not yet available for sale) and this tentative description is only provided to gauge potential customer interest. If you would be seriously interested in purchasing this product, please use the customer feedback link at the bottom of this page to let Tether Products know. You will not be under any obligation to buy, nor will you be contacted if it becomes available, but please be candid and don't overstate your interest.

1.5 Inch Stainless Steel Ball1-½ Inch Solid Stainless Steel Ball

The utility and erotic appeal of some things is not immediately apparent and this might be one of them. This heavy stainless steel ball has a M6x1.0 threaded hole and will readily screw onto TP's threaded spouts, perhaps for no other purpose than simply to accentuate the sensuality of your dick and to make playing with it more fun. When securely and snugly attached to the end of your dick, you will enjoy feeling the heft of this ball in your hand or hanging free, because it just seems to make handling and fondling your penis ever so much more sensuous and pleasurable. It has enough weight (½ lb.) to probably keep any flaccid penis stretched out to its full length, to really bring out its maximum sensitivity. When screwed onto one of TP's sizing sounds & dilators, its weight is also a nice hands-free way to autonomously let gravity do the work of pushing such sizing sounds & dilators into your dick.

Tether Products was attracted to this ball because it is so inexpensive and offers so many possibilities. Besides acting as a love handle and very stimulating and attractive bauble on the end of your dick, which you will likely enjoy wearing daily and which will probably have you twirling and swinging your cock around endlessly like some medieval weapon (be careful that you don't dent the furniture with it), it can also be used in many other very imaginative ways. The one and a half inch diameter is ideal for anal play, if you want to use it to keep your cock securely anchored inside another person's anus, or possibly even stuffed up your own ass while attached (try it, you might surprise yourself). And the fact that it is made of premium quality 316 stainless steel, also makes it an ideal anal electrode for electro-stimulation (by itself or while simultaneously attached to your dick).

Independently, a very attractive and effective anal electrode or plug can be fashioned by simply screwing this ball onto a long bolt covered by some insulating tubing. You can readily find M6x1.0 bolts suitable for that purpose at many hardware stores. But more imaginatively, if you use it in conjunction with a threaded TetherSpout and attach a thin wire lead from your e-stim device, the steel ball and TetherSpout will together function as a common electrode to stimulate your anus and your cock at the same time. Picture the head of your dick being held tightly against (or possibly even inside) your anus while the electrical signals are making your ass pucker and also coursing the other way thru the length of your cock. As shown in Albums 1 & 9 of the TetherSpout Chronicles, your penis only has to be long enough to get just the ball into your ass, for that to be effective. So don't sell your penis short until you've tried it. With this ball, you may surprise yourself and discover whole new machiavellian ways to control and pleasure your dick.

NOTE: Because it was meant simply to be a tool handle, this ball is not highly polished. It is machined (not cast) and has a smooth but somewhat dull lackluster finish. You can polish it yourself to a gleaming mirror finish with a little time and elbow grease. TP suggests you mount it on a variable-speed electric drill and spin it while polishing by hand, using a cloth soaked in an appropriate polishing compound like Brasso or whatever is available in your area. It may take some time and effort, but the results will be well worth it and far less expensive than if TP were to have it professionally polished.

Keep in mind also that, except for the short hole with M6x1.0 thread, this steel ball is solid. To make it more convenient to pee or ejaculate, you may want to drill the hole all the way through. If you do, Tether Products suggests that you start from inside the hole, being careful not to damage the threads, and use no less than a 4.5mm or 3/16 inch drill bit so that you will then also be able to insert a 3.5 mm hex key (TP's hex keys are long enough to reach) to easily tighten or loosen screwed-on spouts. Go to a high school or local machine shop if you don’t have a drill press yourself. This stainless steel ball is one of those things that looks very simple, but has all kinds of possibilities and uses if you are resourceful and use a little imagination.

Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for availability.

In the meantime, you can create essentially the same thing or something very similar by buying a Baoding ball (look for them online) and attaching it to your tetherspout with one of the powerful 1/2" dia. neodymium ring magnets sold in the Accessories section.