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Order Pages


To keep them managable and avoid confusion, Tether's products are organized into three separate order pages corresponding to the three product categories of Spouts & Pins, Retainers and Accessories. You can reach these pages at any time by hovering your cursor over the above menu bar and left-clicking on the appropriate drop-down button (like you just did when you reached this page).

When you select an item and add it to your cart, you will leave tetherproducts.com and be directed to PayPal's shopping cart to continue with your selection and complete the transaction. PayPal will give you two options for paying for your selection: you can pay by credit/debit card as a guest; or you can set up a PayPal account or use a pre-existing one, which will give you more options for how you pay, like eChecks or bank account transfers.

You do not have to check out immediately. You can return back to tetherproducts.com and continue shopping or browsing at any time by using the back button of your browser or the dedicated Continue Shopping button on the PayPal shopping cart site.

You can view or change the contents of your shopping cart at any time by left-clicking on the View Cart button that is at the top of each Order Page. Keep in mind that shipping & handling costs are not dependent on the items in your cart, but rather are applied as a single flat rate to each order for each $400 or less of value, so it is advantageous to buy everything you want at one time. See Payment, Sales Tax, Shipping & Returns for further information.

When you are ready to complete your purchase, simply left-click on the View Cart button and proceed with checkout as directed. After you have completed the transaction, PayPal will return you to the Tether Products website.

Please be careful in placing your order and checking out, because once you have paid for your order you cannot cancel or amend that order without going through a somewhat arduous and complicated process (see Customer Service & Customer Feedback for details). Most other sites won't even give you that oportunity.