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Drill & Tap Set for Making Threaded HolesDrill & Tap Set for Making Threaded Holes

With a little resourcefulness you can find many useful and imaginative things that will readily screw onto the SSS-6-T threaded spouts and that can be shaped, polished and adapted for special purposes. The M6x1.0 threads on the spouts are fairly common. But often the things you would most like to attach to your penis won’t have the right-sized threads, or no threaded hole at all. Examples are old drawer or tool knobs that you might have lying around, or egg cups, curtain-rod finials, and other intriguingly shaped items that you might find and want to use as whole-head electrodes or caps.

With this matching drill & tap set you should be able to adapt almost any plastic or metal object (if you can drill a hole into it) and screw it onto your penis. I’ve used a drill bit and tap like this to attach all kinds of odd objects: everything from an old billiard ball that I found and now use as a weight and love handle like my other globe (solid-core golf balls work too), to a spiffy hollow acorn-shaped metal cap that was meant to be the end of a fancy curtain rod or to top a railing or fence post and that fits over the head of my penis perfectly like a helmet. After the hole is drilled and the thread is cut, they just screw neatly onto my threaded spouts, leaving the center bore open and unobstructed.

The taps are made in Japan and the twist drills are made in the USA. Both are premium quality. For the money, you won’t find better elsewhere. And if you purchase them while purchasing other Tether Products, you can avoid the extra shipping costs other sites charge and probably won’t find cheaper elsewhere. Use them with a little imagination and innovation and you’ll discover many novel things that can be attached to your penis to enhance your pleasure and that you would never think of attaching otherwise.

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