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NOTE: The following product is currently still in production (not yet available for sale) and this tentative description is only provided to make customers aware of its pending availability. Tether Products has had serious difficulties in getting suppliers to adhere to its stringent quality control standards and was forced to reject the last shipment outright. A better production run from reworked molds has been promised and should be available "soon". If you would be interested in this product, please check back periodically.

Model PCR-6 Disk-style Retainers

The PCR-6 line of disk-style retainers are inexpensive retainers that are made of hard inert polycarbonate material. They are basically the same in shape and dimension as the Model SSR-6 and provide the same fit & performance characteristics (see the Model SSR-6 or the Order Page for details), but just don’t have the same timeless durability or vanity appeal and can't be used for electro-stimulation. They are offered primarily as an economic way to try out different sizes before you purchase their more expensive and enduring stainless steel counterparts and as a way for Tether Products to potentially offer a greater range of sizes without incurring large tooling and inventory costs.

Another huge advantage of the PCR-6 retainers is that they can be easily drilled out, allowing you to use a larger diameter spout of your own making. It will probably be some time (if ever) before Tether Products offers larger diameter spouts and matching retainers, because of the obvious complications. Technically, any properly fitted retainer can be modified to work with larger diameter spouts by merely enlarging the hole, because the size of the hole is arbitrary and has nothing to do with the critical French size of the retainer. If you have the capability to make spouts yourself (generally easier than making the retainers), the PCR-6 may be all you need. One especially unique and potentially useful aspect of TP's retainers is that the size of the hole can as large as your urethral orifice itself (or feasibly even larger), placing no artificial restrictions on the size of any spout or other appliance that you might make yourself and use to engage the retainer. Some guys will probably take this feature to the extreme, making very large thin-walled spouts with just barely a widened rim, to make their urethras look positively gaping or yawning. TP won't object, as long as you make the spout just for your own personal use.

The PCR-6 retainers are available in sets of 3 (each set consisting of a round version and 2 progressively larger oval versions that all have the same critical French size), tentatively in size groups ranging from 26Fr all the way up to 34Fr, and more larger sizes will be added if demand warrants. Please refer to the Sizing Guidelines for information on how to select the right French size.


Currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for availability.